New York's first VR Arcade
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New York City's First VR Arcade

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VisionVI's Edge

When it comes to VR, it should be a new experience every time. We have cutting-edge VR hardware and software technology to accomplish just that. It's all due to a vision—a must at VisionVI.

VisionVI's Identity

This is VisionVI and we are resurrecting the arcade. Virtual reality has proven to us how epic it can be, and all gamers to have access to such technology. We dedicate ourselves to bring you amazement.

VisionVI's Purpose

We exist to break up routine. Virtual reality is an adventure, one that must be easily accessible for everyone to enjoy. For those who code for VR, we also provide the equipment for your projects.

Coming Early 2017,
New York City’s first Virtual Reality Arcade

Immerse yourself in new worlds, put your imagination to the test, and believe in a new kind of reality.

Our Game Lineup

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